Automatic warehouse KDT KHS-6410

Automatic vertical warehouse with intelligent management enables accurate, fast and safe management of warehouse operations, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. It is ideal for companies that want to automate their warehouse processes and improve their productivity.

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Automated storage is an advanced solution for efficient and reliable management of panel storage in a carpentry workshop. The system is designed to optimize storage space, automate the movement of goods and accurately monitor stocks. Key functionalities include:

  1. Storage space management:
    • Tracking the status of warehouse locations (free, occupied, low stock).
    • Easy modification of storage location information and optimization of the height of the supports.
  2. Automated movement of goods:
    • Easy movement of goods with the drag and drop method.
    • Possibility of combining storage locations under compatibility conditions.
  3. Import and export of goods:
    • Automated and manual entry of goods with simple search, update and deletion procedures.
    • Efficient manual and automatic export of goods, including the possibility of importing data from production plans.
  4. Robot tasks:
    • Conversion of tasks (input, output, transfer) into tasks for the robotic arm.
    • Manual update and task control for robotic arm.
  5. Color management:
    • Inventory management of different types of panels for better visual identification of storage locations.
  6. Reports:
    • Detailed reports on inventory status, entries and amounts of goods, with the option of exporting in Excel format for further analysis.
  7. Settings and log:
    • Personalized language and data storage settings.
    • Precise logging functionality for debugging and finding anomalies.