Meet LestrojBox!

We present the LestrojBOX program for the easiest production of flat furniture in combination with barcodes and an affordable and precise Startech cn plus cnc machine. LestrojBox is a program: – which you can learn in just a few hours, – you easily select the type of cabinet, – you select all parameters such as dimensions, shelves, drawers, plinth, doors, etc…, – the program automatically creates cutting sheets, a list of materials, labels for bar codes, creates programs for cnc. So easy preparation, but even easier to work on the cnc.

You don’t need an experienced carpenter to work on cnc. Working with barcodes allows even a student or an inexperienced worker to work independently, which you can quickly learn. So, there will be no more problems with personnel, mistakes are significantly reduced and the work process is much faster!

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To make life and carpentry easier, TPA software is part of our offer!

We are pleased to present TPA software to our future and current customers, which makes every carpenter’s job immeasurably easier! For all information about TPA equipment, visit their website!

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We offer applications that configure and program machine automation, user interfaces adapted to different types of applications, and software for executable work (CAD/CAM, nesting and other optimizers).

The Italian manufacturer’s TPA CAD software is a well-known software tool used by well-known CNC machine manufacturers such as Felder, Brema, Vitap and Busellato. TPA CAD is a parametric program with a powerful 3D graphic interface for the production of flat furniture, it is easy to use and powerful and flexible enough even for more demanding users. The additional CADNESTING module is included in the standard equipment and enables effective optimization of the cutting of workpieces of regular and irregular shapes for maximum material utilization.


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