The Lesmak company offers solutions for the production of joinery, where the universal CNC machines for wood from the KDT company stand out. These machines enable precise woodworking, with the tool position changing along different axes. This reduces product development time and costs. The classic KDT CNC machining center of the KP series is suitable for carpenters, as it offers a mobile control unit and innovative TPA CAD software, which enables fast and high-quality work. In addition, the machines are affordable and have low maintenance costs, which convinces many carpenters.

The machine has a working field of 3250×1500 mm and 200 mm along the Z axis.

The KDT CNC machine KN-5510 is an industrial CNC machine BRIDGE design (both sides of the guide (double) for moving the bridge).

Classic four-axis CNC machining center KDT KP series for every carpenter. Excellent features, quality components and an extremely affordable price that will convince many carpenters.

Discover the premium 3-axis CNC machining center of the KDT KP series, designed with the modern carpenter in mind. With impressive technical features, premium components and an extremely competitive price, this machine is ready to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding carpenters.

Universal CNC Woodworking Machine KDT

Are you looking for simple solutions in the field of furniture production? Then Lesmak is the right answer for you. Despite the changing trends, the CNC machine still remains one of the main machines in any production. We sell CNC machines for wood from the company KDT - it is a leading Chinese company in the field of technology for surface processing of furniture. CNC machines are indispensable in the production of joinery and solid semi-finished products. The CNC machine allows us to precisely process the material, which is fixed in a certain place with a clamping system, and the machine changes the position of the tool along different axes. Its use saves development time for individual products, which in turn significantly reduces development costs. KDT's CNC machining machines are extremely high-quality and affordable, and offer users simple solutions and low maintenance costs.

The classic KDT KP series four-axis CNC machining center is a good choice for every carpenter. Excellent features and quality components are one of the reasons why this machining center is the first choice of many carpenters. This classic CNC woodworking machine has a mobile control unit with a PC and innovative TPA CAD software. The program allows users to use it easily, but at the same time it is powerful enough even for more demanding carpenters. If you want to do your work as quickly and qualitatively as possible, a CNC machine can help you do your work up to 3x faster.

Another reason to choose a CNC machine - the price is extremely affordable and the maintenance costs are low. CNC woodworking machines from KDT, despite their affordable prices, offer high quality and reliability and will therefore convince many carpenters. If you are interested in a universal CNC machine for wood, you can contact us so that we can advise you on choosing the right solution that can help you increase productivity, simplify work and better use of material! We can also arrange a personal presentation and demonstration of the operation of our machines.