CNC Machine for Processing Door Wings KDT Type KHM-660

CNC KDT type KHM-660 is a highly productive and extremely accurate flow machine for the processing of door leaves: grooving for locks, handles and fittings.

The machine has the possibility of automatic loading and unloading or connection to lines.

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CNC Machine For Processing Door Wings KDT Type KHM-660

CNC machine for processing door leaves KDT type KHM-660 is a specialized machine intended for accurate and efficient processing of door leaves. The KHM-660 machine is designed for flexible processing of different types and sizes of door leaves, which makes it ideal for both mass production and individual projects. Its robust construction and automated processes enable increased productivity, reduced processing time and improved overall efficiency of the production process.

Machine advantages

automatic operation:

  • o automatic measurement of the door width and adjustment of the work table according to the width
  • o automatic thickness measurement
  • o simultaneous two-sided processing

high productivity or shortening the work process

reducing dependence on labor

KHM-660 Key Features

  • Machine slot for lock/lock/hinge is equipped with 6kW+1.5kW+0.75KW milling spindle.
  • The machine has an extremely robust frame that ensures rigidity and processing precision.
  • It is equipped with an intelligent controlled positioning clamp that automatically adjusts the positioning of the tool clamp.
  • Intelligent visual editing and processing software is included.
  • The machine is capable of simultaneous processing of locks and hinges.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum speed: 60 m/min
  • Minimum door leaf size (L*W): 1800x400
  • Maximum door leaf size (L*W): 3000x1100
  • Processing thickness: 30-60mm
  • Moving - servo motors X/Y/Z 1.5kW/1.5kW/1.5kW
  • 3 vertical aggregates (hook, cylinder): 6kW (ER32), 1.5kW (ER20), 0.75kW (ER20)
  • 2 horizontal aggregates (fittings): 6kW (ER32), 0.75kW (ER20)
  • Total dimensions (DŠV): 5585 x 3630 x 2150
  • Total connected power: 36.8kW
  • Horizontal spindle of hinge 3: 0.75kW (ER20)
  • Dimensions of the machine layout are 5700 x 2300 x 2300 mm (X Y Z),
  • Weight 4600 kg,