Drilling/Routing CNC Machine 6 Sided KDT KD-612G

4 Axes | 6 Sided

2 machines in one! Speed ​​and flexibility combined in one!

Advanced extremely flexible technology for your production. Complete processing in one pass.

The KD-612G represents the pinnacle of innovation and technical excellence, intended for the efficient processing of demanding products (elements for caravanning, massive flat products, …)

Designed to meet the needs of modern manufacturing, the KD-612G offers a wide range of machine usage options that increase productivity

flexibility and ensure accuracy in every step.

The machine is also very suitable for processing sensitive materials

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Main features of KDT KD-612G Drilling/Routing CNC machine

  • Six-sided drilling and milling: Machining capability on all six sides with two drilling groups and 4 milling units.
  • Automatic tool change: The 4-axis unit has the option of simultaneously changing two corner units on the left side, and on the right side it has an additional milling unit with a magazine for up to 10 tool positions.
  • Multipurpose use: Enables all operations from drilling, milling, sawing with the smallest workpiece 70x35 mm and a maximum width of 1200 mm.
  • High speed and precision: Maximum X/Y/Z axis speed 140/90/50 m/min and high precision.

Additional Functions - Machine KDT KD-612G

  • Multifunctional 4th C os: Enables working with many different corner aggregates and processing in one cycle without re-positioning.
  • High quality servo drives: Use of precision INVT servo drives for exceptional accuracy and productivity.
  • Intelligent dust and residue removal system: Automated removal of residues and dust for a clean working environment.
  • Support for connectivity with other programs: Compatibility with various programs for optimizing production and using barcodes.

The CNC machine is ideal for:

  • Production of unique furniture or production of more demanding elements
  • High precision manufacturing of complex components.
  • Automation and improvement of efficiency of production.

KDT is a guarantee for the highest quality machines and services. The KD-612G is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and excellence.