Sliding Table Saw KDT KS-132K

Top format saw from KDT. The saw is intended for all carpenters who want an automated format saw for an affordable price. The KS-132K saw is intended for use in industrial plants, as it has a powerful 7 kW motor, quality guides, touch screen, motorized saw blade lift, automatic right-hand mass movement, electronic readers and much more.

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Sliding Table Saw KDT KS-132K

Affordable format saw with computer and automatic settings.

KS-132 K is an electronically adjustable format saw with controlled 3 axes (saw tilt, saw lift, right guide) and a digital reader on the right guide. The machine is equipped with a computer and software for quick and convenient settings with the option of saving to the program.

Technical characteristics and equipment of the machine

  • Touch screen for electronic control of the machine (saw tilt, height, right guide position)
  • Carriage length 3200 mm, car width 430 mm
  • Max. diameter circular saw blade 350 mm
  • Inclination of the saw up to 45 degrees
  • Electronically adjustable saw height and tilt
  • Main engine power7 kW-S6
  • Motor power for pre-cutter 0.9 kW-S6
  • Cutting on the right rail 1250 mm, electronically adjustable
  • Industrial Right Guide Rails - Worm Screw + Feed Servo Motor
  • Bracket for protective cap
  • Transverse telescopic guide with two limiters (1x digital reader)
  • Extraction connection 120 mm
  • Hand hydraulic pump for lubricating the prismatic guides on the saw unit
  • Dimensions 3350 x 3450 x 1510 mm
  • Weight 1000 kg
  • CE certificate

Advantages and special features of the format saw KDT KS-132K

Quality guides of the format wagon

Due to their shape, the carriage guides are very strong and precise. The advantage of such guides is that, due to their size, they are suitable for sawing heavier workpieces, and due to their accuracy, they are also suitable for sawing chipboard and other composite materials.

Easy adjustment of saw blade height with the help of strong linear guides.

Due to the clever design of the machine, the safety gates are large. This allows us to easily and quickly adjust the blades.

For smooth operation of the machine without vibrations, the construction of the machine is the most important.

Kdt format saws have a strong, welded construction, but due to their size, they are also heavier.

Due to their construction, the saws are suitable for industrial use.

The protective cap is a mandatory part of every format saw, but with KDT saws the cap is larger, very easily adjustable and transparent from the side. All these advantages allow us to make sawing with KDT saws safe, easy, precise and clean.

A servo motor ensures accurate and fast sawing with the right mass, which sets the desired dimension with precision of up to 0.1 mm. All settings are managed via the touch screen.