CNC machining center 3 axes KP-3013

Discover the premium 3-axis CNC machining center of the KDT KP series, designed with the modern carpenter in mind. With impressive technical features, premium components and an extremely competitive price, this machine is ready to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding carpenters.

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Main characteristics of the machine

Innovative Control Unit: CNC KP boasts a control unit that includes a PC and advanced TPA CAD software. This equipment, which is the result of many years of experience and development, offers a user-friendly 3D graphical interface that makes it easy to use, while at the same time it is powerful enough to meet the demands of even the most experienced carpenters.

Spacious Work Field: The machine offers a large work field with dimensions of 3250 × 1250 mm and a depth of 200 mm along the Z axis, which enables the processing of larger pieces of material with ease.

Superior Milling Unit: The heart of the machine is a powerful HSD main milling unit, driven by a 13.2 kW engine and HSK F63 coupling. The fast revolver magazine with 16 positions enables quick and efficient tool change, which speeds up the entire processing process.

Technical characteristics and equipment of the machine

  • Dimensions of processing (axes X, Y, Z): 3250 × 1250 × 200 mm
  • Milling Aggregate: HSD type ES951 with HSK-F63 clamping and maximum power 13.2 kW
  • Supports: Six movable tubeless supports and 18 SCHMALZ vacuum grippers
  • Drilling unit: PROTEAN with 15 drills and integrated saw 120 mm for 4 mm grooves
  • Controller: Advanced TPA controller with innovative TPA CAD software
  • Guides: Along the X-axis - Hiwin gear and toothed rack; along the Y and Z axes – TBI
  • 's endless screw

  • Additional Equipment: Supplied remote control for easier operation
  • Scroll speed: X/Y/Z 80/70/20 m/min
  • Motors: DELTA precision servo motors for axis movement
  • Vacuum Pump: Powerful pump with a flow rate of 160 m3/h
  • Total Connected Power: 26.45 kW
  • Dimensions of the machine: 4876 × 3077 x 2530 mm
  • Weight: 4000 kg

Safety: Meets CE safety standards (fence + photocells)

With the KDT KP-3013 CNC machine, you will be able to raise your production to a higher level, with the guaranteed quality and reliability you expect from a top-of-the-line machine. We invite you to discover it and take advantage of its many advantages for your carpentry projects.