KDT excursion of woodworkers from Slovenia and Croatia to China

In the month of March, we are the Lesmak team from Trzin, the official representative of KDT  for our region, organized a five-day professional excursion to Gvanžov in China for a group of fifteen Slovenian and Croatian woodworkers. The goal of the trip was for the participants to get to know with their own eyes advanced production processes and innovative technology of the leading Chinese manufacturer KDT, which annually produces more than 20,000 machines for the furniture industry.

The organized excursion led us from the impressive KDT showroom, which took us into the future furniture production, to visit three modern production facilities with more than 550,000 square meters of total surface area. We witnessed the automation of production, exceptional organization and drive. in the manufacture of machines from the beginning of the sheet metal cutting process to the finished product.