Superior nesting technology for every pocket

KDT series 3 nesting line is high-tech equipment with a two-year warranty accessible to a wider circle of carpenters due to its affordable price.

Thanks to the robust industrial construction, top-quality components such as Becker, HSD, TPA, Hallukabel and Delta, the advantage of KDT machines is extreme processing precision and very reliable machine operation.

The line has the ability to simultaneously load plates and unload workpieces.

All machines are equally equipped with the maximum possible equipment, which gives the machine additional value.

KDT Nesting machines have already been well tested in Slovenia and are used by well-known and rapidly growing carpentry companies such as Markelj Oprema d.o.o. (Gorenja Vas), Mizarstvo Tahjmajster d.o.o. (Kidričevo) and Zi Les, Primož Zidanšek s.p. (Shut up).